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THCity Inc. is a group of patients & doctors dedicated to helping Canadians with access to Medical Cannabis under the ACMPR


We believe in serving peoples rights and improving overall health quality of our patients through a Holistic approach


Health Canada ACMPR Registration

Under Health Canada's ACMPR regulations, Canadians can possess up to 150G anywhere in Canada & purchase from a LP(Licensed Producer)of their choice. Since August 24, 2016, patients registered under the ACMPR now have the right to cultivate OR have a Designated Grower do so on their behalf.


Designated Grower

Since August 24, 2016, Health Canada has given patients the right to designate a DG to cultivate their Cannabis. If you're an experienced grower and have the knowledge to grow QUALITY medicine for patients - click below to find out how you can apply.


Holisitic Products

THCity strives to provide access to PREMIUM medical grade products for our patients. We cater by dealing with Canada's leading medical growers/extractors, ensuring quality & consistency ALL the time. THCity also offers QUALITY organic & natural Holistic wellness products such as skin care, hair care, bath bombs, etc. Infused in some of the products are organic terpenes to naturally activate your cannabinoid receptors.